DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier

DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier

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DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier

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DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier

The DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine is a sleek, user-friendly APAP machine from Philips Respironics. The machine has multiple advanced features incorporated such as bluetooth connectivity, SmartRamp, and OptiStart.

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The DreamStation is designed to fulfill the needs of all CPAP users who demand the best from their therapy.  The stylish, modular design was derived from both consumer insights and clinical know-how giving the user the benefits of each.  Being 18% smaller with a smaller footprint takes up significantly less room on the nightstand.  At 28% lighter, traveling with the unit, especially without the optional humidifier, is a breeze.
Connectivity options offer more more monitoring choices than any leading CPAP brand with integrated Bluetooth® on every device Performance Check simplifies in-home device evaluation and can help reduce the number of normally functioning devices that are returned for service. EZ-Start’s automatic, personalized adjustments to CPAP pressure can help patients gradually acclimate to their prescribed level of therapy. OptiStart  Based on the 90% from the previous night Auto titration. Allows for a gradual adaption to the cpap machine Daily Progress Feedback displays a simple trend of patients’ nightly use to help track progress on the path to adherence.

Whisper Quiet Sound Levels: Both user and bed partner benefit from whisper quiet technology in the DreamStation CPAP.  The DreamStation is one of the quietest devices on the market delivering a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep.  Although the perception of sound is often a unique experience for each of us, the new ultra quiet DreamStation motor delivers only 25.8 decibels with an average pressure of 10cm.  Our own private tests have also confirmed the DreamStation CPAP is extremely quiet, even when pressures increase to 15cm.

DreamMapper: A free mobile and web-based application with motivational alerts, troubleshooting advice, and educational content.  The DreamMapper app is designed to help you take active role in adjusting to using your sleep apnea therapy, so that you can enjoy the benefits of better sleep and health. Intuitive, simple to use and seamlessly connected, the built in Bluetooth sends important information about your sleep to DreamMapper, allowing you to stay intouch with your therapy and help restore natural sleep and breathing.

Automatic Pressure:  The DreamStation Auto CPAP is a premium auto-adjusting device for treating sleep apnea.  It automatically adjusts pressure levels to fit your changing needs to ensure you’re receiving the lowest pressure necessary.   The DreamStation can even accommodate pressure changes from weight gain or loss, a bad cold, and changing sleeping positions during sleep.

Flex Comfort: The clinically proven C-Flex, C-Flex+, and A-Flex technology are all avaible with the DreamStation Auto CPAP  . A-Flex provides pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation while softening pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation. By mirroring the users natural breathing, the algorithms intelligence will respond to the user’s needs on a breath by breath basis. Delivering the right amount of pressure relief and the correct time enables users to become and remain more compliant.

Ambient Light:  Ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the amount of light in your room.  If you need to pause your therapy during the night, the screen will stay dim.

DreamStation features

  • Advanced event detection
  • Mask type resistance control
  • Mask fit check
  • Oximetry capable
  • DreamMapper patient self-management system compatibility

Optional Humidification can be added

  • Fixed, adaptive, heated tube
  • Pre-heat humidifier option
  • Modular design with 1 piece, dishwasher-safe water chamber

Advanced Features Incorporated

The DreamStation Auto CPAP has many advanced features included to help the user track and monitor therapy effectiveness. Some of the incorporated features include:

  • SmartRamp: Unlike a traditional ramp that increases pressure constantly over a set amount of time, SmartRamp will monitor the user and increase pressure only if an event occurs. During SmartRamp if an event requires which requires the lowest pressure of the APAP range, ramp will conclude. Traditional ramp is also available if desired.  The APAP therapy range must be greater than 4 cm H2O in order for ramp to be used. 
  • Advanced Data Displayed: The machine will show on-screen advanced data such as AHI, Periodic Breathing, Leak Rate, and Therapy Hours. It will also show the pressure the machine was at or below 90% of the time, which is used for Opti-Start. 
  • Mask Fit Check: This feature will provide airflow to the mask and display if leaks are detected in the mask. As the mask is adjusted the machine's display will update to advise if a proper fit is detected.
  • Auto On/Off: The DreamStation APAP can detect if the user has their mask on or off and will begin or stop therapy accordingly, if enabled. 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth is built-in to connect to the DreamMapper app to track therapy. The DreamMapper app is available on compatible iOS (iOS 6 or newer)  and Android devices (2.2 or newer) and can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. iOS and Android device not included.
  • Regular Alerts/Reminders: Every 30 days the machine will show a reminder to change filters.  

A-Flex Pressure Relief 

A-Flex helps mimic natural breathing patterns by lowering pressure during exhalation. The transition between inhalation and exhalation is also softened, making breathing more natural. As the machine adjusts pressure during the night, A-Flex also adjusts so that the desired amount of relief for exhalation is always given.




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