Cath-N-Sleeve with Gloves

Cath-N-Sleeve with Gloves

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Cath-N-Sleeve with Gloves

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Cath-N-Sleeve with Gloves

Cath-N Sleeve with Gloves, 10 Fr


Cath-N Sleeve with Gloves, 14 Fr



Bard Home Health Div Tracheal Suction CATH N SLEEVE™ Kit 10Fr, Sterile, Contains 22" Plastic Suction Catheter in Clear Plastic Sleeve with Two Vinyl Gloves, and Pop-Up Solution Container in Peel-Open Package

Suction catheters are flexible, long tubes used to remove respiratory secretions from the airway. The purpose of suctioning is to keep the airway clear of secretions and to prevent plugging. One end of the suction catheter is connected to a collection container (suction canister) and a device that generates suction. The open end is advanced through the airway (endotracheal or tracheostomy tube) to remove secretions. The CATH ’N SLEEVE™ Kit has a clear plastic sleeve that envelopes a plastic suction catheter. The sleeve slides over exudate to reduce potential clinician contact.

  • Thumb valve permits continuous or intermittent suction.
  • Single-use.
  • Contains Cath 'N Sleeve™ device and pop-up solution container in peel-open package.
  • Sterile.


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